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Christian Worldview Series #4: Theistic Arguments

In the series so far, we’ve talked about a Christian approach to God and the world. In the most recent installment, we discussed an approach which rejects God and views the world alternatively: atheism. From there I wanted to discuss … Continue reading

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Christian Worldview Series #3: Atheism

I became a pronounced atheist in my early teens. I was about 13 or 14 when I refined the view, all the while experiencing a leniency to attend church at the time. In the days leading up to my conversion … Continue reading

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Christian Worldview Series #1: The World

The first treatment in this series I thought couldn’t be more fitting than to address the world itself. From a Christian perspective, there is a theological way in which to approach the world. 1 John 2 gives us one such … Continue reading

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Introducing the “Christian Worldview” Series

This is the first installment out of an indefinite series of articles, arguments and opinions which express some subject from a ‘Christian worldview’ perspective. Two important things to mention here. First, the articles are uniquely Christian in that they recognize … Continue reading

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The Picture of Theism

There are a lot of questions that we can ask about the world. What are the most relevant and important of these questions? Let’s suppose we looked at philosophical questions about existence. Just what exactly is philosophy that we’re asking … Continue reading

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The Arguments for (G)od’s Existence Not So Commonly Mentioned

There are many philosophical arguments for the existence of God – like a lot. There are some arguments conveniently categorized for the readied inquirer: cosmological arguments, moral arguments, nomal arguments, teleological arguments, ontological arguments, transcendental arguments, arguments from miracles, cumulative … Continue reading

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A Philosophy of Wine

I would suspect that when one drinks wine he must have a little bit to think about it. He spends a few dollars at the grocery store and might not think much. In fact, he may take the wine home … Continue reading

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