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A Philosophy of Wine

I would suspect that when one drinks wine he must have a little bit to think about it. He spends a few dollars at the grocery store and might not think much. In fact, he may take the wine home … Continue reading

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Philosophy and Christianity?

“Man as existing, representing existence generally and asking the question implied in his existence, is one side of the cognitive correlation to which [John Calvin] points, the other side being the divine majesty.” (Tillich) What does philosophy have to do … Continue reading

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Why is There Something Rather Than Nothing?

There was a famous debate in 1948 between Jesuit priest¬†Frederick Copleston and atheist philosopher Bertrand Russell regarding a contention (stemming from David Hume) that an infinitely old universe would alleviate the question of whether or not the universe has an … Continue reading

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Philosophy Begins in Wonder

Philosophy has been said to begin in “wonder.” What should I mean by this? Given us “latecomers,” we sometimes may view the philosopher as an academician par excellence, sort of like the psychologist who walks into a strip club so … Continue reading

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