Featured Articles

From the Christian Apologetics Alliance (CAA):

  1. The Legitimate Use of Pascal in Apologetics (Aug. 2014)
  2. The Legitimate Use of Kierkegaard in Apologetics (Mar. 2014)
  3. The Legitimate Use of Aquinas in Apologetics (Jan. 2014)
  4. To Find God: An Existential Argument for the Passionate (Feb. 2014)
  5. 5 Arguments for the Existence of God (Jan. 2014)
  6. The Relevant Question (Dec. 2013)
  7. The Argument from Design Stated (Oct. 2013)
  8. Creatures Point to Christ (Jul. 2014)
  9. A Presentation of the Ontological Argument (Jun. 2013)
  10. Five Ontological Arguments (Sept. 2014)
  11. Objection(s) to the Ontological Argument (Jul. 2014)

From With All I Am:

  1. The Marriage Debate: Discussing the Important Issues (Jul. 2014)
  2. The Thomistic Cosmological Argument (Dec. 2013)
  3. Is the Matrix Possible? (Sept. 2013)
  4. Gordon Clark and the Falsity of Science (Aug. 2013)

From the Poached Egg:

  1. Question: Apologetics for Beginners (Jul. 2013)
  2. Atheism and Humble Claims to Knowledge (Apr. 2013)
  3. The Nature and Limitations of Science (Apr. 2013)
  4. The Problem of Evil and God’s Moral Character (May 2013)

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