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Some Apologetic Approaches

Soren Kierkegaard, “Fideism, Evidence and Stages of Existence”  Kierkegaard made the distinction between subjectivity and objectivity. More precisely said, he distinguished between subjective truth and objective truth. Consider this brief passage from S.K.’s Journal: What I really need is to be clear about what … Continue reading

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Comments on Ronald Nash’s View of Kierkegaard

Though this evaluation will be based more on his lectures rather than his written works, I do wish to also look quickly into a footnote Nash included in his Word of God and Mind of Man (P&R Publishing, 1982) on … Continue reading

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John H. Whittaker’s Paper, “Kierkegaard on Names, Concepts and Proofs for God’s Existence”

John H. Whittaker The University of Virginia International Journal for Philosophy of Religion This is a very good paper for insight into Kierkegaard’s view on natural theology in chapter 3 of Philosophical Fragments. Whittaker takes notice of Kierkegaard’s “logic of … Continue reading

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Jean Wahl on Kierkegaard and Religion

The existent must always feel himself in the presence of God and reintegrate into Christian thought this notion of being in front of God. But to feel oneself before God is to feel oneself a sinner. Thus, it is by … Continue reading

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Th. Haecker on Kierkegaard’s Epistemology

Kierkegaard’s conception of subjectivity and truth sets a totally different problem to European philosophy than is propounded by subjectivism and individualism, which lead to skepticism and agnosticism. . . The question is really whether the separation of the intellect from … Continue reading

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Robert Bretall (1946) on Faith and Reason in Kierkegaard

This was an interesting passage that I found in A Kierkegaard Anthology (1946), edited by Robert Bretall. It is an illuminating passage about Kierkegaard’s views on faith and reason. From the Introduction(xviii): Robert Bretall A Kierkegaard Anthology (Princeton University Press, … Continue reading

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A Few Misconceptions of Kierkegaard’s Thought

In the first draft of this article, I originally decided to title it “Five Myths About Søren Kierkegaard.” Such a title for Kierkegaard might show promising. However, it is difficult to reduce twentieth-century receptions of Kierkegaard into a kind of … Continue reading

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