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The Christian Worldview Series #2: God

As the premiere topic of this new series I decided to introduce metaphysics. I chose this topic as a starting point because I drew on the imperative for Christians to know just exactly what it means for God to exist, … Continue reading

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The Arguments for (G)od’s Existence Not So Commonly Mentioned

There are many philosophical arguments for the existence of God – like a lot. There are some arguments conveniently categorized for the readied inquirer: cosmological arguments, moral arguments, nomal arguments, teleological arguments, ontological arguments, transcendental arguments, arguments from miracles, cumulative … Continue reading

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The God of the Philosophers and the God of Christianity

Let’s consider a historical instance. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274?) in his almost insurmountable work Summa Theologiae (specifically for our purposes the third article of the First Part), offers five arguments or “Five Ways” which demonstrate God exists. The first three arguments are a … Continue reading

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Hearts for Heaven

There are typically four ways a theologian may speak of “God’s revelation.” The first two pertain to some kind of special revelation: (a) A revelation or manifestation of God through the person Jesus Christ or (b) God’s revelation through written … Continue reading

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Pascal’s Wager and William James’ “The Will to Believe”: A Comparative Account Against Skepticism

Before we proceed to the meat of such a subject let us start in an understanding of faith and reason. For one, a distinction to be made in the two senses of “evidentialism” (Evans 1998). On the hand, you have … Continue reading

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God and Natural Disasters

Let us consider an instance of antithesis. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716) once wrote a book-length treatise entitled Theodicy (1709) which contains his treatment of the problem of evil. The gist of Leibniz’ argument is as follows: God in his infinite … Continue reading

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John H. Whittaker’s Paper, “Kierkegaard on Names, Concepts and Proofs for God’s Existence”

John H. Whittaker The University of Virginia International Journal for Philosophy of Religion This is a very good paper for insight into Kierkegaard’s view on natural theology in chapter 3 of Philosophical Fragments. Whittaker takes notice of Kierkegaard’s “logic of … Continue reading

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