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Jean Wahl on Kierkegaard and Religion

The existent must always feel himself in the presence of God and reintegrate into Christian thought this notion of being in front of God. But to feel oneself before God is to feel oneself a sinner. Thus, it is by … Continue reading

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H.L. Mencken on Nietzsche’s Upbringing

“Friedrich Nietzsche was a preacher’s son, brought up in the fear of the Lord. It is the ideal training for sham-smashers and freethinkers. Let a boy of alert, restless intelligence come to early manhood in an atmosphere of strong faith, … Continue reading

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Progressing From the Existential Meaning of Death

There is an interesting little book by Mitch Albom entitled The Five People You Meet in Heaven (Hyperion, 2003) which entertains the depiction of a possible afterlife scenario with the older protagonist, Eddie. Eddie is an 83 year-old theme park … Continue reading

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Richard J. Neuhaus (2000) on Death

Richard J. Neuhaus From First Things (Jan., 2009) This essay by Richard John Neuhaus was originally published in the February 2000 issue of First Things. We are born to die. Not that death is the purpose of our being born, … Continue reading

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