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Some Apologetic Approaches

Soren Kierkegaard, “Fideism, Evidence and Stages of Existence”  Kierkegaard made the distinction between subjectivity and objectivity. More precisely said, he distinguished between subjective truth and objective truth. Consider this brief passage from S.K.’s Journal: What I really need is to be clear about what … Continue reading

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Theism and Morality: Some Replies and Questions about the Moral Argument

Let’s make an argument based on several observations. Let’s say that these observations are rational and broad. For example, we can tell the difference between a good and a “lesser good.” Maybe there are some instances when two goods are … Continue reading

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God and Natural Disasters

Let us consider an instance of antithesis. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716) once wrote a book-length treatise entitled Theodicy (1709) which contains his treatment of the problem of evil. The gist of Leibniz’ argument is as follows: God in his infinite … Continue reading

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Insight into John Frame’s Approach to Epistemological “Perspectives”

I typically never post anything like this, but I have reserved this page apart from Hellenistic Christendom for thoughts on apologetics, philosophy, and theology. Though I have never really expressed this view in writing, those thinkers which follow the Van … Continue reading

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